R.-M. Korth Forschung in der Allgemeinmedizin FIDA, Munich, Germany

The study investigated glucose tolerance and electronic documentation for data transfer between primary and diabetes care.

Glucose tolerance was tested in the 21st-28th weeks during pregnancy of healthy women with normal urine samples. Their age was 32±6 years and the mean value of capillary glucose was 118±22 mg/dl after oral administration of 50 g glucose (n=201, 1h, ±1S.D.,Reflotron, Roche).

Glucose values were in the normal range in 173 cases (82±6 to 134±4 mg/dl).

The cases with elevated capillary glucose (152±14 mg/dl, n=28) showed 144±3 mg/dl (n=15), 153±3 mg/dl (n=7), 163±5 mg/dl (n=3) and 190±10 mg/dl (n=3). Blood pressure was 112±10/70+8 mmHg with 65±11 kg body weight. Nutritional and exercise counselling was delivered and blood glucose was tested elsewhere 4 weeks later before and after oral intake of 100g glucose (82±10 mg/dl; 1 h: 141±12 mg/dl; 2 h: 122±23 mg/dl).

The approach enables anonymous comparisons in social groups, regions and countries. Future research could test genetic and more metabolic determinants to prevent vascular complications of patients with risk of diabetes.

J SUBMICROSC. CYTOL. PATHOL., 32 (3), P.434, 2000.